Michael Musillami- guitar
Mark Feldman- violin
Joe Fonda- bass
George Schuller- drums
1. Brooms
2. The Treatment
3. Stark Beauty
4. Human Conditions
5. Mezz Money
6. Beijing to Brooklyn
The Michael Musillami Trio's third release The Treatment documents the group's ongoing collaboration with violinist Mark Feldman. This two-disc set features a new CD with five brand new Musillami originals, as well as a live concert DVD documenting one of this quartet's live performances prior to heading into the studio in early May 2007. "I wanted to add Mark's voice to our group sound," Musillami explains, "and I knew he would work perfectly with us. Although my working trio is very much the foundation of this new group, all but one of the pieces recorded here was written specifically for this quartet."

Watch a clip from the enclosed Live DVD