Mythos: Mario Pavone Nu Trio/Quintet
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Mario Pavone – bass
Steven Bernstein – trumpet
Tony Malaby – tenor saxophone
Peter Madsen – piano
Michael Sarin – drums
Matt Wilson – drums
1. Diode
2. Dialect
3. Odeon
4. Sky Piece
5. Mythos
6. Crutch for the Crab
7. Dancers Tales
8. Interlude
9. Isobars
10. Fablet
11. And Then We Wrote
Pavone's follow-up to his acclaimed 1999 release, Remembering Thomas (Knitting Factory), expanded his Nu Trio into the Nu Trio/Quintet with horn players Steven Bernstein and Tony Malaby. This all-star ensemble continues to gain widespread critical acclaim for its live and recorded performances, and went on to record 2003's Orange.
This is what modern jazz is all about.
— Fred Kaplan,
...toe-tapping, misty-swirling, percolating, heat-emitting music, all wrapped into one: JAZZ. and it works.
— Nils Jacobson,
Pavone's sturdy bass playing anchors the session, leading the group through involved unison passages, consistently grooving solo statements, and inspired rubato dialogue (check out the breathtaking, amazingly concise 'Fablet').
— David R. Adler, All Music Guide
...[Pavone's] work has never been less than compelling...connecting free improvisation with tonal harmony and swinging structure.
— Ben Ratliff, New York Times
Best of 2002 lists
— Village Voice, and