Mar's Bars: Michael Musillami featuring Thomas Chapin
Michael Musillami – guitar
Randy Brecker – trumpet and flugelhorn
Thomas Chapin – alto saxophone and flute
Kent Hewitt – piano
Ray Drummond – bass
Steve Johns – drums
1. Glass Art
2. Shoeshine
3. Mar's Bars
4. Out Of Balance
5. Cousin Jim
6. The Haberdasher Blues
7. I Wait For The Summertime
8. Grey Cypress

The second of three early 90's collections of guitarist/composer Michael Musillami's original compositions for larger all-star combos, all featuring the late Thomas Chapin.

Michael Musillami featuring Thomas Chapin :: Archives

Michael Musillami featuring Thomas Chapin :: Groove Teacher

The expansion to a sextet adds shadings to Musillami's writing. Brecker can run the voodoo down or play sweet. These tracks feature arrangements that have the feel they could have been written for a much larger band. Besides the tight ensemble sound, solos are taken with economy, keeping them interesting.
— Mark Corroto,