Perception: Michael Musillami with the Playscape Quintet
George Sovak – alto sax, tenor sax
Michael Musillami – guitar
Paul Arslanian – piano
Dave Shapiro – bass
Claire Arenius – drums
1. Introduction/Those Times
2. Archives
3. Rachel's Dance
4. Io
5. Vic's Song
6. Ups
7. 23rd St. Cafe
8. Perception
"I am honored to be a part of this group and associated with such serious and creative people," wrote guitarist and Playscape Recordings founder Michael Musillami in the liner notes for Perception. The first recording ever made for release exclusively on Playscape (the two previous label titles were reissues of older material) documents the familiar interaction this working quintet had cultivated from years of live performances. Playscape: The Quintet was considered the "house band" of the label in its early days and these musicians have all contributed to other Playscape releases over the last few years.