Ai: Kazuko Baba Trio
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Kazuko Baba – piano
Yosuke Inoue – bass
Toro Koyama – drums
1. Sacrifice
2. Destiny of Two
3. Last Date
4. Bitter Sweet
5. See You In The Dream
6. Not Here
7. You Should Tell Me
8. All The Way
The title of pianist/composer Kazuko Baba's debut recording means love in Japanese, and the power of love – both romantic love and the love of jazz that brought her to New York from her native Japan – play a significant role in her compositions. "It's all indicative of a love that dares speak its name, and unabashedly so," writes journalist K. Leander Williams in the liner notes. "It's not just the compositions here that show her burgeoning prowess, though; it's also what she gets her rhythm section to do with them."
Ai, by the young pianist Kazuko Baba's trio, is an elegant debut that delights. Kazuko, a classically trained musician, fell in love with jazz and is able to efficiently meld the two, at times in a single phrase.
— Elliott Simon, AllAboutJazz-New York
Publisher's Pick (October 13th, 2002)