Soul of the Underground: Peter Madsen w/ Alfred Vogel
Peter Madsen – piano
Alfred Vogel – drums, percussion
1. Soul Of The Underground
2. End Of Softness
3. Excavation
4. Four Darks In Red
5. Brown Moons
6. Before And After
7. First Landing Jump
8. The Silent Valley Of Sunrise
9. Homogeneous Infiltration For Piano
10. White Light
11. In Advance Of The Broken Arm
12. The Marriage Of Reason And Squalor
13. Memory Of A Voyage
Playscape Recordings is proud release Soul of the Underground, featuring veteran pianist/composer Peter Madsen and drummer/percussionist Alfred Vogel, a member of Madsen's Collective of Improvising Artists (CIA), an Austria-based group he founded in 2007. Similar in theme to Madsen's 2006 solo CD Prevue of Tomorrow, [Playscape Recordings] in which Madsen sought to honor jazz pianists who contributed heavily to the creative revolution in the 1950's and '60's, his latest recording Soul of the Underground pays homage to painters of the same era. "Something special was happening in the art worlds of improvised jazz music and painting in the 1950s and 1960s," Madsen writes in his liner notes. "It was big. It was varied. Like a huge explosion of new languages, new ways to tell one's story appeared on the scene."

In Soul of the Underground, titled after a 1959 painting by French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet, Madsen pays tribute to the pioneers of the post-WWII art movement as well as the leaders in improvisational jazz music at that time. Madsen's first purely improvisational recording for Playscape draws inspiration from abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning and jazz innovators Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor among many others. "Madsen plays with gentility, his runs swift and punctuated with the deeper tonalities of his left hand, the calmness at times ruffled by the rumble of the chords as he lets improvisation find a luminescent voice." (Jerry D'Souza,
Madsen dą vita ad un progetto ambizioso, nell'omaggiare attraverso una pratica musicale volutamente improvvisata alcuni dei pittori che pił lo hanno influenzato.
— Maurizio Zerbo, AllAboutJazz-Italia