Pride (2 CD): Michael Musillami Trio w/ Kris Davis, Jimmy Greene & Mark Feldman
Michael Musillami – guitar, composer
Joe Fonda – bass
George Schuller – drums
Kris Davis – piano
Jimmy Greene – tenor sax
Mark Feldman – violin
1. Uncle Fino's Garden
2. Bald Yet Hip ( bass intro )
3. Bald Yet Hip
4. Old Tea
5. Courageous David B.
6. Mountain Pride
7. Max's Wolf Suit
8. Max's Moods
9. Wild Rumpus Music
10. And It Was Still Hot
11. --- CD 2 ---
12. Swedish Fish
13. Human Conditions
14. Beijing
15. Today The Angels

Playscape Recordings is proud to release Pride, a new two-disc set from veteran guitarist/composer Michael Musillami with his flagship trio, featuring bassist Joe Fonda and drummer George Schuller. Pride is the Michael Musillami Trio's seventh release in the group's 11-year history.

On Disc I, Musillami's core trio, which has worked domestically and abroad since 2003, presents new material such as the Monkish Uncle Fino's Garden and blues inflected Courageous David B., along with trio staples Bald Yet Hip and Old Tea. This set captures the trio in a recent 2013 studio session, joined by pianist Kris Davis and tenor saxophonist Jimmy Greene. "I am especially proud of the addition of Kris and Jimmy to our 'thing'," writes Musillami in his liner notes. "They both speak naturally in this environment with grit, intelligence and passion. The patience displayed in this music is a comment on the maturity and life experience from all musicians involved." The session concludes with four movements from a recent Musillami commissioned work based on the children's book, Where The Wild Things Are.

Disc II documents the first live CD released by the Michael Musillami Trio. This set, recorded at New Haven's Firehouse 12 with violinist Mark Feldman, was recorded while on tour in support of the trio's 2007 Playscape release The Treatment, which was honored in The Penguin Jazz Guide's 1000 Best Jazz Recordings.

Top 10 release of 2014
— Bill Meredith, Jazziz, JazzTimes
Top 10 release of 2014
— Karl Ackermann, All About Jazz
Top 10 release of 2014
— Robert Iannapollo, Cadence, The New York City Jazz Journal, ARSC Journal
Top Ten Release of 2014
— Vittorio Lo Conte, All About Jazz - Italy
Musillami's lyricism becomes soul-lacerating as he paints expressionist portraits of feelings ranging from melancholy to joy.
— Owen McNally, WNPR
This collection not only highlights Musillami's estimable gifts as an arranger, composer and improviser it also showcases his magnanimous leadership abilities.
— Troy Collins,
Pride is powerful music played by musicians who have no fear of the unknown and great trust in each other.
— Richard Kamins, Step Tempest
This is great improvisation that invites the listener in for a audio trip that will dance through your head, make you smile and keep your toes tapping. Music for the head and ears.
— Dave Rogers, WTJU - University Of Virginia
Clocking in at well over two hours, Pride is an entirely fresh and modern collection that not only highlights Musillami's strengths as a player, composer and leader but more importantly as a master improviser with an understanding of individual performance aspects.
— Karl Ackermann,