Motion Poetry: Mario Pavone/Michael Musillami Quartet
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Mario Pavone – bass
Michael Musillami – guitar
Peter Madsen – piano
Michael Sarin – drums
1. Foody
2. 3M Blues
3. Post On Central Park
4. Emmett Spencer
5. New Socks
6. Lament In Passing
7. Song For M
8. Archives
The debut release by this frenetic all rhythm section quartet brought together longtime collaborators Pavone and Musillami with Pavone's Nu Trio/Quintet pianist Peter Madsen and Pavone's fellow Thomas Chapin Trio member Michael Sarin. Although the group would go on to work together regularly in the next few years, this recording was their first – made after only one performance together. "The seams and rough spots one expects to hear in a new band just don't surface in this recording," notes Grammy-winning writer Bob Blumenthal in the liner notes. "Musillami and Pavone's patience have produced a very good thing, and a harbinger of more good things to come."
[Musillami and Pavone's] quartet recording with pianist Peter Madsen and drummer Michael Sarin is not only a long-overdue undertaking for them, but an ear treat for the listener as well. There's much to praise about their tight collaborations and choice of side mates. Madsen's an inspired player in the spotlight and Sarin is always inventive as he punches up from under. Although this is an effort of polished teamwork, Musillami's approach and technique reign supreme as he carries most of the melodies and solos with astonishing ingenuity and precision.
— Nancy Ann Lee, JazzTimes
...the quartet pulses with energy, utilizing Musillami's greatest strength: the integration of singing melodies with clever manipulations of time. Indeed, Motion Poetry has a magical glow, combining irresistible forward momentum with enough unexpected twists and turns to make every step forward a delicious surprise.
— Nils Jacobson,
A fine debut by what will likely become known as one of the most potent improvising ensembles around.
— David R. Adler, All Music Guide