Op-Ed: Mario Pavone/Michael Musillami Quartet
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Mario Pavone – bass
Michael Musillami – guitar
Peter Madsen – piano
Michael Sarin – drums
1. Op-Ed
2. Bass Song
3. 7 Blend
4. Toulon
5. Swingthing
6. Today the Angels
7. Shorty
8. Pearl Talk
Op-Ed is the Pavone/Musillami Quartet's rollicking follow-up to its acclaimed debut, Motion Poetry. "Collectively, bassist Mario Pavone, guitarist Michael Musillami, pianist Peter Madsen and drummer Michael Sarin produce a lively, ricocheting swing and it keeps listeners on their toes," wrote Harvey Pekar in his JazzTimes review.
...a set of perky, upbeat tunes that demand and achieve a degree of cohesion rare among modern jazz groups. Musillami's playing simply glows here – he's red-hot with energy, and he lacks none of the technical prowess necessary to communicate this fire. Drummer Michael Sarin almost steals the show, taking his firm role as timekeeper to abstract extremes through pointed dialogue with each of the melody players.
— Nils Jacobson, AllAboutJazz.com
If anything, this sophomore outing is even more focused and rewarding than the band's highly recommended 2000 debut disc. Their edgy, rhythmically charged repertoire continues to defy easy categorization. In the field of modern creative music, they have few equals.
— David R. Adler, All Music Guide